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About Ebony

I remember it was a Tuesday when I found myself reviewing, interpreting and responding to an email from one of the wealthiest and most influential men in the world. At the time I was the Executive Assistant to the CEO of an LVMH cosmetic retailer. Before I sent over a draft of the response, I paused for a second longer than usual to take stock the moment. I had just turned 26 years old, had my first child and landed my dream job.

I grew up the underprivileged, sometimes homeless, sister of four and daughter of two convicted felons. To say the struggle has been real may be an understatement. My traumatic childhood was the place I forged my wild dreams to intentionally create something altogether different than the life I was born into.

I became an Executive Assistant because of the opportunity; I thrived in this role because I’m fueled by challenge and a profound love of learning.

The Assistant’s List is part diary, part guide book. It blossomed from a deep desire to create community and share hard-earned, practical wisdom with aspirational and like-minded assistants

My personal interests include philosophy, French and European history, competitive debate and historical cosplay. I love to spend time with my family as well as volunteering for causes I am passionate about.

I hope you enjoy, stay a while and connect as we traverse the world of administration, immerse ourselves in new ideas, and discover what’s possible in #LifeInAssistantLand.

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