Ebony Belhumeur


How To Lead Without Authority

When your title isn’t powerful, cultivating leadership skills might seem like you’re suffering from delusions of grandeur. Leadership might be the furthest thing on your…

Start With Why

Hi, I’m Ebony, an Executive Assistant working with CEOs in Silicon Valley. Like many of you, I sort of stumbled into this role. Somewhere between…


I’m Ebony, I’ve been an Executive Assistant in San Francisco and Los Angeles for over 10 years. I’ve had the unique opportunity of supporting the CEO of Sephora, a globally loved cosmetics brand, working for Founder & CEOs in the tech space, including Twitch (an Amazon company), and currently working on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency. I’m passionate about innovative learning and growth centered development. The A List is a labour of love to share practical wisdom and tips on the trickiest parts of #LifeInAssistantLand


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